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TennCare Fraud
Wednesday September 2, 2015

Two Coffee County residents are charged with TennCare fraud in separate incidents, both involving prescription drugs.
The Office of Inspector General announced the arrests after a joint effort with the Coffee County Sheriff’s Office. Both individuals were involved in the sale of prescription drugs paid for by TennCare.
The two arrested are:
Wilford Frankenberry, 58, of Manchester, charged with TennCare fraud in connection with using TennCare benefits to obtain the painkiller Hydrocodone, later selling a portion of the drugs, and
Samantha Walden, 48, of Tullahoma, charged with TennCare fraud in connection with using TennCare to obtain the painkiller Oxycodone, later selling a portion of the drugs.
TennCare fraud is a Class E felony carrying a sentence of up to two years in prison.


Flu Shots
Wednesday September 2, 2015

Medical professionals in Middle Tennessee are already gearing up for the flu season and urging people to get their flu shots early.
They say the earlier the better, because the flu is a virus and can be active any time of the year, not just the colder months.
The flu shot takes two weeks to develop these immunities in your system. A shot will last the entire season until the next vaccination is ready around late August 2016.
Medical experts say the best means of protection is to get a flu shot. Even if you were to get the flu, your symptoms will be less severe and the overall illness length will be shorter.


All Counties Meet Budget Deadline
Wednesday September 2, 2015

For the first time in decades all 95 Tennessee counties have adopted their annual budget resolutions by the August 31st deadline. This achievement means all Tennessee counties are now operating under a locally adopted budget for the current fiscal year.
Tennessee counties are also in full compliance with Public Chapter 170. This new law allows counties that do not adopt a budget resolution prior to June 30th to operate under a continuation budget through August 31st. Counties with extraordinary circumstances preventing the adoption of a budget resolution by August 31st may request approval from the Comptroller of the Treasury to operate until September 30th.
In the past, it was not uncommon for some Tennessee counties to operate without a current budget into October.


Gun Legislation
AP Wednesday September 2, 2015

Two Democrats are introducing legislation to allow all firearms to be banned at major sports and music venues.
Senate Minority Leader Lee Harris of Memphis and state Rep. John Ray Clemmons of Nashville say their bill would create an exemption to the new state law that bans local governments from prohibiting people with handgun carry permits to be armed in parks.
A recent legal opinion from state Attorney General Herbert Slatery found that the law applies even to facilities rented out to private contractors.
The proposed legislation would allow guns to be banned at events at public parks that require a ticket and would also make clear that the law does not apply to stadiums and other facilities used by professional sports teams.


Fire Alarm at WCHS
Jay Walker Tuesday September 1, 2015

Authorities say a fire alarm sounded Tuesday morning at Warren County High School, prompting teachers and staff to evacuate all students for a short period of time.
Firefighters arrived and determined there was no fire and students were allowed back inside to resume classes.
Rumors of a possible bomb threat were unfounded.



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