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TennCare Overpaid Managed Care Organizations
Tuesday January 23, 2018

A federal audit estimates Tennessee's Medicaid program overpaid managed care organizations by $2.7 million over seven years for patients who were already deceased.
A December audit by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services inspector general says TennCare should recover the money and return a $1.8 million federal share.
TennCare Deputy Commissioner Wendy Long responded that the state has recouped a significant portion of the money through a software change, will recover the rest and will return the federal share. She said TennCare is working to understand why its death list differed from what auditors had.
TennCare spokeswoman Sarah Tanksley said the cases represent a small number of unique circumstances worth about $130,000 each year. She says TennCare paid $30 billion-plus to managed care organizations in that timeframe.


McMinnville Board
Jay Walker Tuesday January 23, 2018

The McMinnville Board of Mayor and Aldermen will meet Tuesday night in regular session. The board will consider one ordinance and two appointments.
The board meeting will begin at 7pm at City Hall. It will be preceded at 5:30 by a meeting of the Building and Grounds Committee, the Parks and Recreation Committee at 5:50 and the Finance Committee at 6pm. At 6:30, the board will view an RCS Productions presentation on Cumberland Caverns Live.


Bowling Appointed as Deputy Speaker
Monday January 22, 2018

State Senator Janice Bowling was appointed to a key leadership role in the Tennessee Senate by Lt. Governor Randy McNally. She will be the first woman to hold the position of Deputy Speaker of the Senate. The announcement was made on Friday on the floor of the Senate.
Preceding Senator Bowling, the position of Deputy Speaker was held by Senator Ferrell Haile, who is now Speaker Pro Tempore of the Senate.
The position of Deputy Speaker was created in 1987 by the Speaker of the Senate, Lt. Governor John Shelton Wilder.
The Deputy Speaker is appointed to a two-year term and serves at the pleasure of the Speaker of the Senate. Principle duties of the position include assisting the Speaker in regard to committee appointments and the assignment of bills to standing committees. The Deputy Speaker often presides over the Senate and assists the Speaker on special projects.


Warren County Commission
Jay Walker Monday January 22, 2018

The full Warren County Commission will meet Monday night for its monthly session. The January meeting was originally scheduled for last Tuesday but was postponed because of inclement weather.
Commissioners will consider a resolution to convey the land upon which the WCMS sits to the Warren County Board of Education. Commissioners will also consider appointments to various committees.
Monday night;s meeting will begin at 6:30 at the Administrative Building.


More Work Needed on Rape Kits
Friday January 19, 2018

An audit suggests that Tennessee lawmakers require updates on the 9,000-plus rape kits statewide, including almost 7,000 in Memphis, that were awaiting testing in July 2014.
The state comptroller's audit says a 2014 law required a report on rape kits not sent to a Tennessee Bureau of Investigation lab or other lab, but didn't require updates, expedited testing or mandatory turnaround times.
TBI spokeswoman Susan Niland says New York district attorney grants helped send 6,900 Memphis kits to independent labs, with 2,900 remaining at labs.
Niland says other grants sent almost 1,300 kits from elsewhere to independent labs. Kits need to return to the TBI to review results.
Additionally, the audit says TBI didn't retain some documentation in the 2014 inventory, so auditors couldn't evaluate whether TBI precisely reported the backlog.


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